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ZENSO Preparation

PREPARATION ZENSO Advance 30 days THE FIRST WEEK The following is an example: due to different body constitutions and individual requirements, the nutritionist will have different suggestions ZENSO SERIES SECOND WEEK Basically same as the first week, with minor changes in food, as we don’t want you to lose out too much of protein from …

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ZENSO lose to win weight loss challenge

OBESE CATEGORY WINNERS OVERWEIGHT CATEGORY WINNERS BEST TRANSFORMER AWARDS ZENSO CHALLENGE 1 SEP – 1 NOV Step 1: Purchase 1 set ZENSO Advance (Purchase Record from 1 September 2022 – 1 November 2022_ Step 2: Sign up an account at www.zensodiet.com once received the set Step 3: Download ZENSO App and start weighing Step 4: …

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Busiest organ in our body

Stop drinking! Be careful of your liver!Take care of your liver to prevent your health from virus invasion. Liver is the “busiest” organ in our body with more than 500 different functions. It is mainly based on metabolic functions, such as removing toxins from the body, maintaining immunity, filtering harmful substances in the blood and …

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bejuicyfit water

What do You Know About Water?

Why You Need to Drink Plain Water, not Other Beverages!? Water makes up 70-85% of your body ( the brain is made out of 85% fluid and is themost sensitive to decreasing water levels within the body.). There are many reasons why Water is essential for many bodily functions, such as : Regulating body temperature …

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probiotic probiome

Are probiotics reaLLY GOOD FOR HEALTH?

Probiotics is a huge buzzword in today’s modern society. Consumers are spoiled with a hugevariety of probiotics products in the market, from supplements such as probiotics drinks, probiotics pill, to probiotics food such as milk and ice cream with probiotics, kombucha, yogurts and to skin care products with probiotics. But what are probiotics and are …

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Our office can occupy more than 250 person but to comply with SOP and ensuring everybody stay safe, the numbers of workforce decreases by at least 1/3.Most of the workforce are working from home and eventhough so, do not worry as your orders will be attended to as usual.

Wellous Femoire Novia beJuicyFit

A Peek in our warehouse

While the public usually will never see the inside of a warehouse, people are diligently working to ship products at a rapid pace. Here our team is working hard to ship out Novia from the Femoire series, under Wellous Company to our patient customers. They are those who always work overtime, long hours, receive products, …

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