Breathe better, live better. Nourish & strengthen your lungs for improved quality of life.

Tigrox Tiger Milk King


Tigrox Tiger Milk King boosts lung function and strengthens the respiratory system so you can breathe better & fuller.

It contains Tiger Milk Mushroom, a rare & potent herbal remedy from Malaysia with over 500 years of application.

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What is Tiger Milk King?

TIGROX TIGER MILK KING is a botanical beverage that restores lung function & respiratory health to its peak capacity to fight against the flu, cough & sinuses. A must-have for smokers & secondhand smokers too.

tiger milk king

Our lungs are the “protective umbrella” for our internal organs.

It helps us perform the single most crucial task as living creatures – to BREATHE.

Unfortunately, external factors such as air pollution, haze, dust & secondhand smoke affect lung function.

With over 500 years of medicinal history, Tiger Milk Mushroom was used by Malaysian indigenous people to treat cough, asthma, bronchitis, vomiting & fever amongst other sicknesses.

Scientific research has confirmed that the active ingredient of Tiger Milk Mushroom can effectively enhance lung health and immunity.

5 key functions of Tiger Milk Mushroom​

Regular consumption of Tiger Milk King will result in:

Cough Relief

Cough Relief

Healthier & better performing lungs

Healthier & better performing lungs

Improved nasal sensitivity & congestion

Improved nasal sensitivity & congestion

Lessened respiratory allergies

Lessened respiratory allergies

Enhanced body resistance to viruses

Enhanced body resistance to viruses





a compound that scientists have conclusively shown is beneficial to the immune system, and promotes an internal environment that supports long-term respiratory health.625mg every sachet.



Contains anti-inflammatory & immune-enhancing effects

Relieves cough, flu and sore throat



Strengthens the body’s immune system & manages flu-like symptoms

Antioxidant properties improve skin complexion and fights against cardiovascular issues & immune deficiencies



Helps to clear phlegm and mucus, relieve discomfort of respiratory tract.

TIGER MILK KING is suitable for those with:

tiger milk king


tiger milk king

Nasal sensitivity

tiger milk king

Chronic bronchitis

tiger milk king

Respiratory allergies


Exposure to polluted environments


Weakened immune system




Secondhand smokers


The elderly



Suggested Use: For age 7 years old and above. Take one sachet daily. Consume directly after opening the sachet, preferably after breakfast. It is calamansi in flavor with herbal and a mild sour taste. 

When taking Tigrox Tiger Milk King, try to avoid taking it with sour and spicy food. Because sour and spicy food might reduces the nutritional value of Tiger Milk Mushroom.


Serving Size 1 Sachet 1 Box 20 sachets 20 Servings


  • Tiger Milk Mushroom 625mg
  • Licorice
  • Calamansi
  • Vitamin C 50mg


Tigrox Tiger Milk King mainly function to maintain lung health, reduce problem in respiratory system, enhance respiratory system function, strengthen the immune system, boost endurance and vitality and reduce allergic reactions.

Children above 7 years old can take one sachet of Tigrox Tiger Milk King.

Tiger Milk Mushroom used in Tigrox Tiger Milk King is a polysaccharide containing up to 50% Beta-Glucan, mainly to boost up immunity. In addition, Tiger Milk Mushroom also contains other active ingredients such as caffeic acid and coumaric acid, which provide antioxidant effects.

No, the Tiger Milk Mushroom in the Tigrox Tiger Milk King is cultivated.

Firstly, the wild Tiger Milk Mushroom is very rare, and the amount can be obtained is not much. Cultivated Tiger Milk Mushroom is better than the wild, because the planting process is completely controlled to ensure the best hygiene, quality, yield and stability of Tiger Milk Mushroom. Free from microorganisms, heavy metals and pollution.

At the moment, there is no research showing that there is a conflict/interaction between Tiger Milk Mushroom and drug, but we still recommend to take it at least 2 hours apart from the other medicine.

This can varies from person to person, and most people will not have a healing crisis, however some people might develop symptom such as increase in phlegm, as phlegm is a way of detoxification.

No, Tigrox Tiger Milk King is a food health supplement that need to be taken for long periods of time to achieve optimal results.

Customer with asthma is suitable to take Tigrox Tiger Milk King, it can help improve respiratory diseases, including asthma. Tiger Milk Mushroom act as a supplement for standard treatments and Tiger Milk King may help in speeding up the recovery.

Tigrox Tiger Milk King is calamansi in flavor with herbal and a mild sour taste.

Other than Tiger Milk Mushroom in Tigrox Tiger Milk King, it also contains licorice and calamansi that can help in respiratory discomfort. Plus vitamin C that can enhance the body’s immunity. Tigrox Tiger Milk King is Malaysia’s first liquid tiger milk mushroom product. It contains the highest content of tiger milk mushroom.

Yes, Tiger Milk King relieves cough. We suggest to take TMK and cough syrup with a 2-hour interval in between.

Traditionally, tiger milk mushroom is suitable for all lung diseases, including lung sclerosis. Studies have shown that tiger milk mushroom can reduce multiple inflammatory markers (inflammation). Therefore, it may help to reduce lung sclerosis, however, it does not ease the situation as the lungs have hardened.

Bronchitis is an inflammation happening on the bronchial tube (airway in the respiratory system). Tiger milk mushroom can provide anti-inflammation property and prevent inflammation of bronchial tube and may aid to reduce symptoms like coughing and difficulty breathing. Take 1 sachet daily. Please be reminded must continue to consume the medication prescribe by doctor. Have a gap at least 2 hours between TMK & western medicine.

Tiger Milk King

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