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Restore gut health & manage weight the fun way.

Frusso Detox Fibre Drink


Give your intestines a much-needed cleanse with FRUSSO, a flavourful drink rich in fibre &prebiotics. Say goodbye to constipation and that visible tummy!

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Our intestines are our largest DIGESTIVE + IMMUNITY + DETOXIFICATION organ in the body.
90% of toxins in our body come from the intestines.

Intestinal toxins are the cause of:

Recognised as our second brain, the gut greatly affects our overall health & well-being.

FRUSSO fibre detox cleanses our intestines to aid in:

frusso relieve constipation

Relieving constipation

By discharging enterotoxins

frusso increase satiety

Overall weight management

By increasing satiety

Healthy & natural weight loss

By managing growing waistlines

frusso helps indigestion

Restoring intestinal movement

By enhancing digestion

frusso enhance appearance

Enhancing appearance & complexion

By addressing skin concerns

frusso reduce bad breathe

Eliminating bad breath

By promoting oral freshness


FRUSSO comprises all-natural, raw ingredients combined to give you a powerful detox solution.​

frusso fibersol-2


  • Japan imported water-soluble fibre
  • Low-calorie supplement
  • Does not affect absorption of calcium and other minerals
  • Natural plants as raw materials
frusso palmfiber


  • Water-insoluble fibre
  • Accumulates cholesterol, bile salts, fats, carbohydrates & toxins to be excreted from the body
inulin frusso


  • Water-soluble fibre
  • Contains natural oligosaccharides, a substitute for sugar
  • Aids in reproduction of good bacteria in the intestines
frusso psylliumhusk


  • Water-soluble fibre
  • Beneficial to the growth of intestinal probiotics

Upon regular consumption, you may notice these changes:

frusso slimmer wasit

Slimmer waist & hips

frusso reduce bad breathe

Fresh breath & lessened body odour

frusso enhance appearance

Radient skin with controlled acne

frusso increase flexiblility

Increase body flexibility


frusso relieve constipation

Suffer from long-term diarrhea or constipation

frusso enhance appearance

Would like to improve their skin health

frusso helps indigestion

Reduces Stress, anxiety, night sweats

frusso keep fit

Would like to keep fit & healthy

frusso suitable for office worker

Sit for long hours and do not move enough

frusso keep fit

Eat a lot of meat


Mix well with 150ml of lukewarm water.

Suggested to consume it before going to bed so that you can go to the toilet for defecation the next morning. In addition, for maintaining body weight or lose weight can take it before meals to increase satiety therefore reducing food intake.

Serving Size: 1-2 sachet(s)

Serving per Box: 20 sachets, four flavours per box – Yellow Lemon, Purple Passionfruit, Gold Mango & Orange Peach.

Ingredients: Fibersol-2, psyllium husk, inulin, fructose, maltodextrin, palm fiber and cassia extract.


FRUSSO contains very low calories, a pack of only 15-21kcal (different flavors have different calories), therefore people who want to control calorie intake can take it with ease.

It depends on personal preference. Mix FRUSSO with juice or yogurt can further improve bowel movements. But make sure that FRUSSO is completely dissolved in the beverage.

Usually, customer will have bowel movement after 8 hours of consumption.

A small number of people who take FRUSSO will have healing crisis of detoxification, such as mild stomach cramp , but these symptoms will be resolved after defecation.

It is safe to be consume, because it is all natural and does not contain any drug, and does not cause any side effects or dependence.

FRUSSO has satety certification, it does not contain heavy metals, microorganisms and preservatives.

Can. The ingredients of FRUSSO are all derived from plants, without any animal-based ingredients, so it is suitable for vegetarian.

If the customer is taking mineral supplements such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, or iron, they must be taken at least two hours apart because high fiber would reduce the absorption rate of minerals in the intestines.

Can. FRUSSO does not contain sucrose or glucose, only a small amount of fructose, and fructose does not cause spike of blood sugar, so taking 1 or 2 sachets of FRUSSO per day does not affect the blood sugar of diabetic patients. In addition, dietary fiber in FRUSSO can also help delay the absorption of sugar and prevent the sudden increase of blood sugar.

Absolutely. Hemorrhoid patients should consume more dietary fiber because it helps to soften the stool and avoid constipation.

Dietary fiber in FRUSSO is helpful for gastric problems or excessive gastric juice production. However, if your stomach is sensitive, it is recommended to take it after meals.

No problem, but if your stomach is sensitive, it is recommended to take it after meals.

Patients with helicobacter infection must be treated with antibiotics. Customers are recommended to take FRUSSO following recovery of the infection to help the growth of probiotics in the intestine.

The main cause of appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix as a result of bacterial infection. Although appendicitis is not directly related to dietary fiber, scientific research and clinical experiments have proven that long-term intake of high fiber can maintain normal bowel movements, can also help to soften stool, reducing the chance of feces remaining in the intestine, hence reducing the risk of appendicitis.

Can. FRUSSO does not contain any estrogen, so it can be taken during menstruation.

The main causes of hernia are: (1) pressure in the intestine (2) intestinal muscles are weaken due to degeneration. Hernia is not directly related to dietary fiber, but high fiber intake helps in defecation, which can help to slow down muscle degradation in the intestine.

Can. Fibroids are benign tumors, and FRUSOSO is rich in dietary fiber, which will not affect each other.

frusso malaysia
Frusso Detox Fibre Drink