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KidAone Microbiome

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KidAone Microbiome comprises good bacteria that build up your child’s gut system, keeping them healthy & protected at all times.

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Specially formulated probiotic for kids, KidAone Microbiome contains probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics to keeps children in top-notch health – and keeps parents relieved. The first few years of childhood are extremely important for the development of all aspects in child including gut microbiome because it may affect both their current and future health. 


Microbiome Kidaone Wellous

Restore the balance of gut microbiota

Microbiome Kidaone Wellous

Relieve constipation or diarrhea

Microbiome Kidaone Wellous

Reduce harmful bacteria

Microbiome Kidaone Wellous

Improve nutrient absorption

Microbiome Kidaone Wellous

Improve intestinal and digestive health

Microbiome Kidaone Wellous

Reduce eczema and skin allergies

Microbiome Kidaone Wellous

Alleviate abdominal discomfort

Microbiome Kidaone Wellous

Enhance immunity and overall health

KidAone Microbiome contains 3 world-class branded probiotic strains with proven record of safety (GRAS) and clinical efficacy on human health!

Microbiome Kidaone Wellous

Probiotics​: Replenish

Probiotic is beneficial to human health, and it is a form of microorganism which is safe to be consumed.

Microbiome Kidaone Wellous

Prebiotics: Nourish

Prebiotics is known as the "food for probiotics" because it cannot be digested by human body but can be digested by probiotics.​

Microbiome Kidaone Wellous


Postbiotics are the bioactive compounds produced by food-grade microorganism during fermentation proces of food - organic acid functional protein, vitamin and enzyme.​



Suggested Use: Take 1 sachet daily before meal. Consume directly or mix with some room temperature water.

Consult a medical doctor before taking this or any other nutritional supplement if you have or suspect a medical condition, or are taking any medications. 

This product is only suitable for children above 2 years old with chewing ability.

Children with acute diarrhea and stomach discomfort can take up to 2 sachets per day.

Children should only consume the product under parents’ guidance.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Serving per Box 20 sachets


Powder in individual sachet.

Available in mixed fruit flavour. (natural blackcurrant, strawberry and grape)


Yes, the probiotic strains in MICROBIOME (B. longum BB536, B. breve M-16V and L. rhamnosus GG) are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by USFDA. And they are commonly used probiotic strain in kids.

Postbiotics are naturally occurring substances by plants and microorganisms, therefore they are safe to be consumed. Postbiotics also exists in our daily foods, including yogurt, cheese, kimchi and miso.

Yes, children with lactose intolerance can take MICROBIOME. In fact, probiotics in MICROBIOME can help to digest lactose in milk or dairy products. Hence, MICROBIOME can help to improve lactose intolerance and its symptoms.

Yes, MICROBIOME is free from milk allergen, it would not trigger allergic reaction to children who are allergic to milk.

Yes, customer can mix MICROBIOME with milk, yogurt, fruit juice or other beverages for the children to consume. However, it is not recommended to mix MICROBIOME with hot drinks or soup.

No. In fact, regular consumption of MICROBIOME can stimulate the growth of other types of good bacteria in the intestinal tract. Taking MICROBIOME regularly over long periods of time will not cause children to be overly dependent on the product, instead, it will help the body to develop a diverse and strong set of microbiota in the intestine.

Probiotic supplement is generally safe for consumption and less likely to cause side effects in long term consumption. However, for people with severe illness or impaired immune system, there are higher potential risk for their consumption.

MICROBIOME is suitable for both vegetarian and vegan.

Children with G6PD deficiency can take MICROBIOME, but it is recommended to consult doctor before taking MICROBIOME, to avoid any interaction with other food or medication.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a chronic disorder of large intestine and causing conditions of abdominal pain and cramping, bloating, gas, and diarrhea and constipation. There is clinical study prove that B. longum BB536 in MICROBIOME can help to improve symptoms of IBS in children, including reduce severity of abdominal pain, relieve bloating and gas, reduce frequency of diarrhea and improve constipation.

Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) characterised by irritation and inflammation along the digestive tract. This disorder is related with immune system and genetic. Children with Crohn’s disease are usually having imbalance gut microbiota. Probiotics can help to balance gut microbiota, at the same time, help to reduce irregular immune responses caused by the disease. Therefore, it is good for children with Crohn’s disease to take MICROBIOME.

Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis, it is a type of inflammatory skin condition that may cause dry, redness and itchiness on the skin. Such condition is caused by the weakening of skin barrier, hence the skin is less resistant against irritants and allergens. Clinical study show that B. breve M-16V can help to relieve symptoms of eczema in children by enhancing the immune system of the skin. Hence, children with eczema can try to take MICROBIOME to improve the symptoms of eczema.

It is beneficial for children who are under antibiotic treatment to take MICROBIOME to help restore and re-establish the gut microbiota during and after the antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics are medicine prescribed by medical doctors to kill specific harmful microorganism in the body. However, the common side effect of taking antibiotics is antibiotic-associated disruption of gut microbiota which can lead to diarhea or constipation. There are clinical studies show that taking probiotics during antibiotic treatment is helpful to reduce the side effects of antibiotic. Besides, it is recommended to have at least 4 hours gap between consumption of antibiotic and MICROBIOME, to reduce the chance of probiotic damage by antibiotic.

Having healthy intestinal health is important for the growth and development of children. With good digestion, children can get more nutrients from the food and maximum of nutrients in foods can be absorded to the body.

The effects of MICROBIOME is vary from one person to another. Generally, if the child is having diarrhea or poor digestion, these can be improved after two weeks of consuming MICROBIOME.

Studies have shown that intestinal health is highly associated with development of the brain. In addition, studies have shown that probiotic strain L.rhamnosus GG has a positive effect on the symptoms of hyperactivity disorder. Therefore, parents can try to let children with hyperactivity disorder to take MICROBIOME, as it can help to replenish probiotics and promote intestinal health. However, there is no guarantee that MICROBIOME will directly help to treat hyperactivity disorder.