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Verify My Product

Follow the steps correctly during authentification

Verify Your Product

Step 1: Download your QR reader

– Get any of these readily available applications – QR code reader.

Step 2: Scan the QR code

Scan the code displayed on the packaging / Anti-Counterfeit barcode is shown behind the product packaging / Only 3 attempt(s) are allowed to run QR Scan.

There are 3 types of QR code as below:

Step 3: Wait for the reveal

Authentication page will automatically load/You are required to fill in particular information/Key in security code – Only 1 attempt is given for code verification.

You will see one of the 2 following message boxes after clicking “VERIFY”

This message box will appear if your purchase is original
This message box will appear if your purchase is fake or if you entered the wrong numbers
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